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the MFA D+T report!

As a student in the MFA Design + Technology (D+T) program at Parsons School of Design, I wanted to tap into the knowledge of students and alumni to learn about current trends in the creative technology industries, as well as about their lives working in said industries.

Therefore, between September and December 2017 I set to reach out to the D+T community by launching a survey asking them about their nationalities, where they are living now and what industries they are working in at the moment. Moreover, I also wanted to learn from them what trends in design and technology they think should be studied and explored in the program.

After gathering 120 responses, I compiled and reviewed the data and created a web report using series of data visualizations using the Javascript library D3.js. This project also uses code in HTML, CSS and plain Javascript. I hope you find this information insightful. Enjoy!

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What country are you from and
where are you living today?

What categories best describe the
industry that you are working in?

If you were graduating from D+T today,
what company would you love to work for?

Which D+T skills are the most competitive today?
and Which D+T skills would you love to learn?